Mariah Carey Says the Wedding is Still On

Famous singer Mariah Carey decided to update her fans on the status of her wedding. So, the star claimed that the wedding planning continues and she and James have actually managed to make some progress with the whole planning.

Mariah did not reveal the wedding date at this point, meaning that it remains a secret for now. “We’re getting it together, darling,” the star told E! News when being asked about the wedding. “You know what? It’s time. The dress and the whole thing. I’m working and he’s working and everyone puts so much pressure,” she went on to say. 

Well, it surely seems that the wedding planning is going perfectly, as Mariah actually revealed that she already has the perfect dress for this upcoming event. “I have the dress,” she claimed during the recent interview. “It’s in a box, darling,” the star went on to say. Not only that the famous singer talked about the wedding planning, but Mariah also opened up about her family. 

The singer revealed that she just cannot get enough of spending time with her twin children. “Really my babies, they make me laugh so much. I just want to keep it like that,” the singer said. “[James] is really great. He has his own kids and he’s a fantastic father,” she went on to explain. 

Mariah made these statements, as some recent reports have indicated that the popular singer’s former husband, Nick Cannon, has been refusing to sign the divorce papers, meaning that Mariah would not be able to marry James. A report from Life and Style claimed that Mariah has panicked that she will not be able to get married to her boyfriend soon. 

The fact is that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon remain legally married, although the singer is planning her second wedding, to James Packer. Furthermore, sources talking to Life & Style said that this whole situation has made James and Mariah fight a lot. “All that Mariah and James have been doing lately is fighting. James has been very patient with her, but the last thing he wants is to go through this crazy wedding planning again.”

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