Mariah Carey Reveals Details of her Upcoming Wedding

Without a doubt, Mariah Carey will get married soon and it seems that the star is not looking to make a secret of her upcoming nuptials. In fact, Mariah decided to reveal some details of her wedding plans with famous billionaire James Packer. 

Mariah talked about the wedding plans during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. As imagined, the host of the show tried to find out as much as possible about the upcoming event, but Mariah did not reveal too many details. However, it seems that the famous singer wanted to set the record straight when it comes to several rumors that have been on. 

“Will there be a prenup?” Andy Cohen asked Mariah. The singer clarified that this is actually true and she and James decided to have a prenuptial agreement. “We want prenup. We want prenup. Look, everybody ‘s valuable,” the singer said. Mariah also talked about the rumors indicating that she wanted to plan a circus-themed wedding. 

“No, that really made me mad. These people really want to tell me I want endangered animals at my wedding?” the star said. “I mean, I have several dogs,” Mariah went on to add. The 46 year old singer claimed that some of the rumors that have been on regarding her upcoming wedding have actually been ridiculous. 

Mariah also explained that she has always been an animal lover, so there would be no way she would use endangered animals at her wedding. “I’m such an animal lover and such an advocate for animals that I’m like, really, that’s what I’m going to do, have like endangered species?” she explained. “Should I make coats from them all? What else should we do?”

Unfortunately for Mariah’s fans, this was pretty much all that the singer wanted to share at this point. So, although the singer was asked about the best man, she refused to say who will play this role. Furthermore, in another recent interview, Mariah revealed that no one would be qualified to sing at her wedding. So, when asked who will be the singer of her dream wedding, the star claimed that “f**king nobody.” 

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