Mariah Carey Pays Bryan Tanaka to Give Her Gifts

Mariah Carey and her backup dancer Bryan Tanaka are still a couple and of course rumors are still wandering around regarding their relationship. The romance has drawn a lot of media attention from the very beginning and now it has been claimed that Mariah is actually paying Bryan to offer her the expensive gifts that she likes.

It has always been claimed that Mariah really likes to be spoiled by the man she is dating. And of course, Bryan is not earning as much as he needs to be able to live up to the expectation. So, a new report claimed that Mariah is very much aware that Bryan earns less than her and she is giving him more money for Bryan to be able to give her presents.

The report was shared by Life & Style, which claimed that Mariah likes so much to be spoiled that she actually gives Bryan money to buy her things. An insider talking to the celebrity site claimed that Mariah is paying Bryan $25,000 a month so he can buy her gifts. Mariah is reportedly worth $520 million. The same source explained that Mariah doesn’t care that she is paying for her own gifts.

Apparently, Mariah is used to receiving things from the special man in her life, as this is how things worked between her and her former boyfriend, casino mogul James Packer. The two dated for several months before Mariah started seeing Bryan. James used to give the famous singer a series of expensive presents during their engagement and it seems that she wants “the same treatment from Bryan.” The source said that Mariah really likes “opening gifts.”

While Mariah has not directly talked about the claims, a Gossip Cop report dismissed the allegations, saying that the story was completely false.

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