Mariah Carey Getting Close to Male Dancer?

When a celebrity couple separates, there are always rumors out there speculating on the reason of the split. And of course the separation of pop diva Mariah Carey and famous businessman James Packer could make no exception. Reports on the separation of the two have emerged only a few days ago and a series of rumors have already been on. 

One of these rumors indicates that the reason why Mariah and James separated is actually linked to the fact that the famous singer has gotten very close to a male dancer and of course James did not like this. So, the man who could be the one to blame for the separation is dancer Bryan Tanaka. Mariah allegedly got very close to Tanaka because of her problems with her fiancé James Packer. 

The news was reported by E! News which indicated that Mariah’s problems with James brought her closer and closer to her dancer. “James was not in the right mind for months. Mariah was in essence an abandoned woman,” a source said. “While in Vegas, she turned to and developed a close relationship with Brian Tanaka,” it added. 

And actually E! News is not the only site which has claimed that Mariah has gotten so close to Tanaka. A similar story was published by TMZ, which indicated that James became very jealous of Mariah’s relationship with her dancer. It all started with a lap dance that Mariah allegedly gave Bryan during one of her shows back in May. Since that moment, James started to be suspicious of the two and this led to a lot of tension between him and Mariah. 

James became so bothered by Bryan’s presence that he went to confront him in a room when he showed up at one of Mariah’s shows, although he was not dancing because of an injury. It has not been revealed if things got physical between the two. But, James banned Bryan from Mariah’s shows. Mariah reportedly was afraid of James, although she did not say anything at that point. Of course, the reports were not confirmed and it is yet to see what else will be claimed about the former couple.

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