Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka to Get Married?

Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka seem to be very happy together. Without a doubt, their romance is evolving and some claim that things are extremely serious between the two. Actually, the latest rumors indicate that Mariah and Bryan plan on getting married. These latest news were reported by Radar Online, which allegedly talked to an insider with information about the two star’s plans.

So, the report said that Mariah is ready to marry Bryan although the two have been a couple only for six months now. Six months have also passed since Mariah Carrey ended her engagement to James Packer, whom she dated for several months. Mariah and James were set to get married, but the two abruptly ended their relationship. Some claimed that Mariah and James separated because of the singer’s relationship with Bryan.

The insider talking to Radar Online revealed that Mariah is not shy at all about this relationship and she has actually been telling her friends that she plans on becoming Bryan’s wife. Furthermore, the insider claimed that Mariah is sure that Bryan is the one for her and she is not only ready for marriage, but she is also ready to become a mom once again. So, according to this source, Mariah wants to have children with Bryan.

“Mariah is already thinking marriage and kids because she is absolutely enamored by this guy,” the source claimed. “She is convinced now that he is the one,” the same insider explained. “Bryan does seem to genuinely love Mariah too. They are convinced that they are supposed to be together. Everyone gave up on trying to tell Mariah anything because she never listens to anyone anyways. She does what she wants,” the source said.

The report indicated that things are going great in Mariah’s relationship with Bryan also because he is getting along really well with her twins, Monroe and Moroccan. The two children are Mariah’s from her first marriage with Nick Cannon. As imagined, there is no official response from Mariah or her team regarding these latest claims, so it is yet to find out if the report is true.

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