Maria Shriver to forgive Arnold Schwarzenegger?

The Wrap wrote on Wednesday that Maria Shriver might forgive Arnold Schwarzenegger for his extra marital affairs. The governor’s former wife told the press that she did not make a decision yet, but she is seriously thinking to take Arnold back home.

Don’t rush into thinking that Maria Shriver is doing this because she is in love with the actor; the journalist told the press that her decision was influenced by her religious beliefs. The Catholic Church, to whom Shriver belongs, maintains its firm position against divorce and Maria cannot disobey these laws.

Though this explanation may seem valid for most Catholic people, we find it hard to believe that this is the only reason behind Shriver’s latest decision. It is all the more difficult to accept her justification as other Shriver’s Catholic relatives have put an end to their marriages through a divorce. As a matter of fact, some members of the church have chosen to separate, as well.

Rumor has it that the former governor’s wife might be influenced by Arnold’s charming behavior in the past months. According to anonymous sources, the actor is doing everything he can to convince his ex-wife to take him back. He has paid a lot of attention to Maria lately, offering her various gifts and being awfully “sweet” to her.

The couple began experiencing problems in May when they officially announced their intention to get a divorce. Shriver filed for divorce on July 1 after Schwarzenegger admitted that he had an affair with their housekeeper, Mildred Baena. Moreover, medical tests have shown that Arnold is the father of Mildred’s son, Joseph.

The couple is now spending increasingly more time together. Based on their previous declarations, the two celebrated Christmas with their children at their residence in Brentwood, California. In the afternoon, the family attended the Lakers game at the Staples Center.

This is not the first time when the two get together after their divorce intention was announced in May. The 56-year-old journalist was by her ex’s side on his 64th anniversary in July, as well. Sources close to them stated that Maria and Arnold agreed to spend holidays together for their children’s sake.

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  1. Though is it really painful and humiliating, but if I were Maria, I wouldn’t go for divorce ,I will accept the child into our home and keep my husband. Go ahead Maria, and reconcile to your husband..

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