Marco Rubio Reveals Real Age of Earth

(CNN) – The Republican Senator of Florida, Marco Rubio, revealed in a recent interview his personal opinion about the real age of the Earth. The Senator felt the need to revise his stance because his initial declaration had been rather “confusing”. 

During the Wednesday’s Politico Playbook Breakfast in Washington, Marco Rubio gave a controversial answer in relation to the much-debated age of the Earth. He told attendees that he believes the science’s approximation of 4.5 billion years old is correct, but he went on to say that he accepts the religious belief, as well. “God created the heavens and the Earth, and science has given us insight into when he did it and how he did it,” was Rubio’s statement.

The following statement that the Florida Senator made triggered even more debates. In his opinion, the scientific discoveries that have been made so far have worked as a reinforcement of God’s existence. As expected, Rubio’s declaration has been analyzed by the entire blogosphere and a new debate between creationism and evolution started.

Marco Rubio released a new interview with the intention to clarify his answer. He told reporters that he meant everything he said about the real age of the Earth, but he wished his response had been “more succinct”. The Senator explained that he was surprised by the talk show host’s question and he didn’t have enough time to prepare his answer. “We were talking about hip hop and the guy pivoted to the age of the Earth,” Rubio added. The junior senator was convinced that he would have done a lot better if he had had 30 minutes to write down his answer.

Rubio further stated that he had intended to clarify the “theological debate” about Earth’s age, not to question what science has discovered, so far. He was more interested in finding a solution for those who want to reconcile what science has thought them with the religious beliefs they may have. 

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