March Madness Begins With The Obama Bracket Challenge

While the Republicans are still fighting over the nomination, Barack Obama has all the time and assets in the world to start his own campaign. There aren’t too many occasions the president’s message can reach sports fans in an interactive way, but the March Madness NCAA brackets for 2012 is a good enough way. Thus, sports fans prepare for the Obama Bracket Challenge!

On Sunday, the NCAA brackets for 2012 came out. Each year, only a bunch of so called lower-seed teams have what it takes to ravage the three week tournament bringing victories after victories. With all eyes on the tournament, the people in charge of Barack Obama’s campaign for his second bid as president found it was a perfect time for three things. Firstly to add more names to their campaign contact list, secondly to raise money and thirdly promote the actual candidate.

So, campaign people put their minds together to bring you the Obama Bracket Challenge. Basically, Barack Obama’s website is challenging everyone to place their bet to see if anyone can beat the president’s own bracket predictions.

As the challenge reads: “Think you got game?” But be advised, Obama’s predictions are surely based on a committee of super sports analysts. Anyway, to participate and see if your predictions were better than those of the president all you have to do is give your full name, email address and ZIP code. If you feel in a giving mood, then the website does allow for donations.

At the end of the tournament, the president’s own list of predictions will be published and all the bids entered on the website will be compared. However, if Obama will continue a three years tradition, then you should be able to hear his NCAA brackets during an ESPN interview with Andy Katz.
This Tuesday Barack Obama will be joined by British Prime Minister David Cameron at the first round of the NCAA tournament. The first men’s tournament game plays in Dayton, Ohio. The officials will enjoy a game between the Iona Gaels and the BYU Cougars. Although it goes without saying that both teams will try their best to win the game, either team has strong chances to be the winner. In the end, Tuesday’s first game will surely be tight.

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