Marc Anthony and Shannon De Lima Got Married

If Jennifer Lopez is still struggling to find the perfect guy, it seems that Marc Anthony has managed to move on. In fact, the singer just married his girlfriend Shannon De Lima. Reports reveal that the happy couple opted for an intimate wedding ceremony, which actually took place at Marc’s house.

So, the wedding took place on November 11, at Casa de Campo, Dominica Republic. Reports indicate that the ceremony was followed by beautiful performances from Juan Luis Guerra and Carlos Vives. Apparently, the wedding was attended only by close friends and family. The whole area was filled with security agents, making sure that everything will go as planned for the event. 

Marc Anthony and Shannon De Lima first started to date in 2012. For a brief time, the couple separated, back in 2013, but they finally managed to make the relationship work. It has been reported that the couple got engaged in March, but the news was kept a secret by the two, being revealed only this month. 

Marc Anthony has previously been married two times. The singer first married former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, with whom he had two sons. The two separated in 2004, after Torres filed for divorce. Then, Marc went to marry beautiful singer Jennifer Lopez. Apparently, Jennifer claimed that she is happy for her former husband, after learning the news. The couple married in 2004 and separated in 2012. Jennifer and Marc have six year old twins. 

Marc Anthony also has a child with Debbie Rosado, whom he dated, but never wedded. The singer has an adopted son, as well. On the other hand, this is the first marriage for Shannon De Lima. Marc Anthony released his latest music video one month ago. The video for single Flor Palida actually features images of the star with his beautiful new bride. 

Marc Anthony is well known for his successful music, but also for his appearances in movies. The singer starred in the movie El Cantante, along with his wife Jennifer Lopez. Well, congrats are in order for Marc Anthony and his bride for the happy event. 

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