Man To Cross Niagara Falls On A Highwire

Nik Wallenda is getting ready to cross the Niagara Falls on a highwire on Friday, says the Associated Press. The acrobat, who has already been listed twice in the Guinness Book of World Records, will walk on a metal cable that is 550-meter (1,800 foot) long and placed 60 meters (200 feet) above the ground.

The name “Wallenda” has already made history in the United States thanks to the breath-taking shows that the family of acrobats has put on for seven generations. Now it is time for Nik Wallenda to impress his audience by performing an unprecedented number, that is, by crossing the Niagara Falls on a metal cable. The performance will take place on Friday under the attentive look of a large audience.

The 33-year-old acrobat claims he has spent a lot of time preparing for the Friday number. He told the press that he repeatedly walked on a metal cable that was set in more or less the same conditions as the one at the Niagara Falls. Moreover, they used special devices to stimulate winds of up to 55 miles (90 kilometers) per hour and conditions of heavy mist in order to get used to the Niagara Falls. Despite this, many analysts think Nik’s attempt is insane because nobody can recreate the powerful winds and crashes of water that are specific for the famous waterfall.

Based on Wallenda’s estimates, he will be able to cross the Niagara Falls and head towards Canada in approximately 40 minutes. For that, he will use a balancing pole and a pair of supple leather shoes that were custom-made by his mom. She chose supple leather for the shoes because it gives Nik the possibility to walk on the wire without injuring his feet and, yet to feel the cable.

Given that ABC will broadcast his performance, Wallenda was forced to wear a safety harness. The acrobat was not pleased with the request, especially since he never wore one before, but he didn’t have a choice.

Nik comes from a reputed family of acrobats. His father and grandfather have all performed similarly dangerous shows in the past. In fact, they became the subject of a popular 1978 film called “The Great Wallendas”. His grandfather died at 73 years while attempting to highwire walk between two towers in Puerto Rico.

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  1. tonight seen the man walking across niagara fall make me feel they is nothing a human being cannot do because we are create at God image.we need to learn from him you can do great thing if you set your mind to it.

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