Man From New Zealand Arrested For Planning Assault On Prince Charles

AFP reports that a man from New Zealand was arrested after authorities discovered that he was planning a manure assault on Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla. Sam Bracanov, 74, is a famous anti-royalist who organized similar protests in the past.

Sam Bracanov has never had the royalty at heart. While the entire city of Auckland was getting ready to welcome Prince Charles and his wife Camilla on Monday, the 74-year-old anti-royalist was planning a one of a kind attack on the royal family. The man confessed on Tuesday that he had intended to hurl manure at the couple upon their arrival in the city.

Police officers in Auckland got a hold of Sam before he managed to enact his devilish plan. During the first court appearance that was held on Tuesday, the man pleaded not guilty to the charges that were brought against him. He was, nevertheless, much more sincere with the press telling reporters that he had purchased the manure in order to give Prince Charles a ‘warmheartedly welcome’.

According to Bracanov’s declarations, the horse manure had been purchased a long time before the royalty’s visit. He has, thus, managed to mix it with water and create a sort of “porridge” that was supposed to be thrown against the British heir to the throne. “I would have done it,” the elderly man insisted.

The motive behind his assault: he wanted to protest against Prince Charles’ privileged position. In his opinion, the British royal did not qualify for his position with the brain, but with the body and “what (the) body produce(s) goes to toilet”. As a result, throwing manure at Prince Charles and Camilla was the most appropriate way to return them the favour.

Sam Bracanov orchestrated a similar protest during the Prince’s visit to Auckland in 1994. Back then, the anti-royalist attempted to spray air freshener at Charles to help him get rid of the “stink of royalty”. In 1988, he hurled a bucket of horse manure at the car that was carrying King Juan Carlos of Spain on a visit to New Zealand. For the current assault, the Auckland District Court prohibited Sam to get closer than 500 metres (yards) to the royals during their visit on the former colony.

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