Man finds himself on Most Wanted List after Google search

Have you ever thought about Googling your name? This is what this man did and what he found might have been quite a surprise for him. He actually found himself on the Most Wanted List. 

A man from California decided to Google himself and he discovered that he was on the Most Wanted list of the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center. When you Google yourself you surely expect to find a lot of things, but maybe not quite such a fact. But, the truth is that you never know what you will find on Google.

Still, the man who lives in California maybe expected to see himself on this list. He told the police that he was ego-surfing when he found his mug on the website. He actually decided to turn himself in to the cops. In seems that the reason why the man was on this list was actually linked to a gunplay incident which occurred at a party in August.  

He was already charged with discharging a firearm toward an inhabited dwelling. It all occurred during an argument and it was said that the man fired several shots into the ground. No one was injured, so the man probably had no idea that the police was looking for him. 

After the man surrendered, the list was updated and now he is listed as captured. The list received this update on Saturday, it has been revealed. It seems that the man decided to surrender because his conscience determined him to do so. No other details on this case have been released at this point, so it is yet to see what will happen to the man. 

It also is uncertain for now if the man knew in relation to which incident he was looked for by the cops. Moreover, it remains to find out if the man imagined that the cops are looking for him, regarding that particular incident or other potential incidents he might be linked to, or it was a total surprise for him to discover his mug on the Northern California Most Wanted website.

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