Man Broke into Sandra Bullock’s Home

Actress Sandra Bullock experienced a scary event on Sunday morning. Apparently, a man broke into her home, while Sandra was inside. 

Luckily, the actress is unharmed. Apparently, the man tried to break into her house at around 6.30 am. The popular actress was inside. The man was already arrested. First reports indicate that this man is a burglar who strikes into people’s homes while they are in. The police arrived at the scene of the events immediately and the man was taken into custody. 

Until this point, it remains unknown what was the man seeking, as there are no indications on whether he was stalking the actress or was intending to rob her home. Moreover, there are no revelations on if the actress was alone in her home at the time of the incident. Sandra Bullock has a four-year old son, Louis, but there are no indication on whether he was at home or not, when the incident occurred. Louis was adopted by the popular actress back in 2010. 

Soon after the incident, Sandra Bullock was seen glowing on the red carpet. The famous star attended the Spike TV’s Guy Choice Awards, where she looked absolutely spectacular. Bullock is going to turn 50 next month, but the actress is in perfect shape. She showed that very well with every single appearance she made so far. 

Well, Sandra Bullock is not the only star who has been targeted by thefts in the past few months. Miley Cyrus’ home was also broken into. Actually, the singer’s Los Angeles home was robbed last month, when thieves took thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry. They also took Miley’s Maserati, which was later recovered. 

The police has two suspects, but there are no indications on if they are the individuals who broke into Miley’s home or not. At the time of the events, Miley was not home. The young star was on tour, but naturally Miley was quite devastated to learn about the events. The jewelry has not been recovered yet, and naturally there is no word on if Miley will ever get them back.

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