Mama June Claims Photo with Mark McDaniel is Fake

Mama June once again talked about the scandal involving Mark McDaniel. Now, she claimed that the photo showing her in a hotel room with Mark is a fake. The star made this new revelation in an interview with Dr. Phil McGraw. 

During the interview, Dr. Phil asked Mama June why she allows her daughter Honey Boo Boo around sex offenders, including her boyfriend Mark McDaniel. “That’s Alana, and she’s [only a year older in this picture] than Anna was when [McDaniel molested her], and you [said] you took Pumpkin [to meet him so she could ask him] questions, but you also brought Alana there?” Dr. Phil asked Mama June. The woman answered that she did so, because “kids don’t go anywhere without me 24 hours a day.”  

In the same interview, Mama June denied that she rekindled the romance with Mark. Mark actually molested Anna, when she was only 8 years old. Mama June said that Mark has a girlfriend now and there is nothing going on between the two. Moreover, she claimed that the photo of the two was photoshopped. The photo was published by TMZ, but they denied to have modified photos of Mama June. 

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has been canceled by TLC, but Mama June said in this recent interview that she has nothing bad to say about them. She claimed that TLC paid her and were good to her. “They still are very good to me. You know the rumor is that I was not going get paid with the show, but I did get paid through whatever was owed to me through the show,” she revealed.  

She went on to explain that every member of her family was paid for the show and the entire experience has been grateful for her and the girls. When it comes to the relationship with Mark, Mama June claimed she would never let the girls have contact with him. Apparently, what Mama June was trying to say is that she would never put her children in danger.

The full interview is going to be aired on Monday, November 17.

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