Malaysia To Adopt Google Apps

Technological devices have become part of most people lives in economically powerful countries, but this is not the case in other less developed regions. Some countries are only just beginning to make use of the wonders of technology, such as, Malaysia, which will soon start introducing Google Apps in their education system, USA Today reports.

Software and IT companies are thrilled that there are regions where they still have the chance to expand their services. Google, for instance, agreed to help Malaysia improve their education system by creating low-end Chromebooks that are highly accessible even to the less fortunate segments of population. The Google Apps software they have created is meant to replace the services that are normally offered with the help of the Microsoft Office suit. The only difference is the fact that Google’s cloud-based alternative is free, so students, teachers and children in Malaysia can use them, too.

The cloud-based system is not the only service that Malaysian students will benefit of; they will also receive numerous Chromebook models, especially children studying the primary and secondary school. Felix Lin, director of product management at Google, explained that the software company made this decision because the low-cost notebooks represent a good option “to deploy technology at scale”. The devices, which were manufactured by Samsung and provided with Google Apps will cost $249.

The introduction of Chromebooks in Malaysia could further deepen Microsoft’s fall. Customers now have the possibility to choose between the free services that Google is offering and the paid Microsoft suite; unfortunately, figures show that many more computer users are inclined to opt for Google’s free operating systems.

Unless Microsoft is willing to take measures soon and try to expand its services in developing countries, its market shares could suffer an irreversible diminishment. Although Microsoft’s shares rose 2.2% to $30.27, the company is still far from competing against Google’s $789.78 share price.

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