Make Money Using Google Screenwise

In other words, search the web using Chrome and get paid. It does sound good right? Well, before getting all excited here’s what you need to know about making money using Google Screenwise.

Google is a world renowned company and a reputable player in its industry not only because of its products and solutions. Marketing is what these guys know how to do best. And the company’s latest idea will surely get them the expected results.

The IT dedicated media wrote today that Google quietly launched a new program last month, called Google Screenwise. Basically, web users are paid to surf the web using Google’s Ghrome browser.

Without making any official statement in the media, Google’s gives all the requirements to become part of their program on a signup page. As it writes, Google explains that Screenwise is part of the company’s strategy to improve the overall performance of their services. In thus doing, Google needs panelists to help “improve Google products and services and make a better online experience for everyone”.

How does it work? Basically, “as a panelist, you’ll add a browser extension that will share with Google the sites you visit and how you use them”. The purpose of the panel is “to learn more about how everyday people use the Internet”.

To be eligible for the Screenwise program you need to be 13 or older and have a Google Account or sign up for one. And for all your trouble and the approval to let Google track your moves online, you’ll receive up to $25 in gift cards. You receive “a $5 Gift Card code instantly when you sign up and download the Google Screenwise browser extension”. And every three other months you remain involved in the project, you will receive “additional $5 Gift Card codes”. That’s  Google’s “way of saying Thank you”.

After the media got a hold of Google’s new program, the company released a statement explaining the purpose of the Screenwise program. “Like many other web and media companies, we do panel research to help better serve our users by learning more about people’s media use, on the web and elsewhere” the statement read. And Screenwise is “one such small project that started near the beginning of the year”.

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  1. WARNING: If YOU don’t volunteer to waive your privacy your neighbors may do it for you. If they sign up and add the hardware to their network it will pick up nearby signals as well, turning them into a beacon for your neighborhood!

    If privacy matters to you, speak up.

  2. You didn’t realize how cheap our Privacy is! I don’t want anyone know where and how I spend my time on Internet.
    So. I log off my gmail account immediately When I know this news.
    Chrome has being my default browser for a long time.I think I should give it up for some time.(I need to syn my bookmarks)
    I will use firefox or Avant as my default browser, haven’t decide yet.

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