Maisie Williams Opens Up about Filming First Sex Scene

Although in movies it always seems to be simple, for many actors filming some scenes is not that easy. So, Maisie Williams, most famous for playing the role of Aria in popular television series Game of Thrones, claimed that filming her first sex scene has actually be really awkward. 

Game of Thrones fans should not start assuming what will happen in the next season of the series, as Maisie claimed that this was not a scene she filmed for the show, but actually an experience linked to a new role she received in The Failling. The 16 year old actress said that this was her first-ever sex scene. The star opened up during an interview with Vulture.

Maisie plays the role of a student who loses her virginity in one of the scenes of this movie. Well, the star said that making this scene was difficult, but luckily, she received all the help she needed from her co-star Joe Cole, with whom she filmed this part. “It was extremely awkward! But Joe was very sensitive to the fact that I had never done a scene like this before, and it was great to work with someone who was so considerate of that,” the actress claimed. 

The young star also went to explain that with the purpose to make this scene as good as possible, she took time to get to know the man she was working with. It was all part of her attempt to get ready for the role and grow the chemistry between her and Cole. So, Maisie and Cole went out on several dates and tried to get to know each other, some times even rehearsing their characters. The actress claimed that it “all paid off in the end.”

Maisie previously claimed that she really wanted to star in this movie, as she thought that it would be an amazing opportunity for her to prove her skills as an actress. Moreover, the role was extremely different from the one she has in Game of Thrones, so it was a whole different experience for the talented, young actress. 

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