Magician David Blaine Has A New Stunt Ready

Although he’s been out of the game for the past four years, Magician David Blaine says he has a new stunt ready. From what the magician says it’s going to be an electrifying new stunt.

It’s going to be an electrifying stunt, all right! For his comeback, magician David Blaine has prepared a stunt that my shock and shake people in New York City. David Blaine is going to risk electrocuting himself on October 5th during a 72-hour endurance gig at a 1 million-volt charge.

It looks like David Blaine hasn’t been just taking a holiday for the past few years. The 39-year-old daredevil magician said he has been training for a three-day three-night marathon branded “Electrified: One Million Volts Always On”.

On Monday, David Blaine released an official teaser of his new stunt he has prepared for New York City fans. In the teaser you see David Blaine standing on metal pedestal donning a sort-of futuristic mesh suit and a wire helmet in a globe shape while electrical bolts come at him from all directions.

It’s a shocking new stunt indeed David Blaine has prepared. He is materializing a stunt that was puzzling everybody back in the 80s, when novelty shops had a variety of plasma globes that never sold.

The teaser it’s also a promotional gig for Intel’s Ultrabook laptops. Apparently David Blaine and the computer-chip company have decided to collaborate on this gig. David Blaine endorses the ultrabooks and Intel is offering live streaming. It’s a good deal, if you ask us.

But David Blaine’s one million volts stunt isn’t exactly all fun. He is really risking his life on this one. Any voltage greater than 50 V applied on unbroken skin will send the heart into fibrillation. Severe injuries or even death aren’t all that uncommon when mortals mess with high voltage, but in the end David Blaine is one impressive illusionist.

So, apparently it will be David Blaine’s most dangerous stunt ever, and if your memory is in good shape you should remember watching him hanging upside down over Central Park for 60 hours. And how could someone forget David Blaine spending a week buried in a see-through coffin or the time when he was encased in a block of ice for 63 hours?

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