Magic Johnson: “LeBron James Needs To Get His Confidence Back”

The Lakers legend, Magic Johnson, declared during a Sunday interview that LeBron James needs to get his confidence back. According to the Los Angeles basketball player, LeBron James has had a bad season, but he should not be discouraged by his mistakes and concentrate on winning the following games.

Analysts have often suggested that LeBron James is too nervous at the end of the game and because of this he fails to score in the crunch time. This idea has been recently sustained by Magic Johnson after watching the Miami Heat star perform during the game with the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday, March 2nd.

Magic Johnson told reporters that it is obvious James lost his confidence at the end of the games. In his opinion, the Miami Heat player needs to gather all his strength and get used to making shots during crunch time. “Don’t care if you make it or miss it, just get used to doing it,” Johnson added.

LeBron James has had very good results until now, which is why Johnson thinks he can do better. The Los Angeles Lakers star told the press that James has to get used to making shots during stressful situations. There is only one way he can learn how to cope with such situations and, that is, by practicing in all the games that he plays. This way, James will get ready for the games that will be held in May and June.

James’ current lack of self-confidence might have been caused by the defeat that Heat suffered against the Mavericks in last year’s Finals. LeBron declared back then that he was so disappointed of his game that he didn’t manage to do anything for a week.

Magic Johnson is no stranger to the feeling of guilt that a player gets when he loses a game. In fact, he went to a similar experience in the 1984 Finals when the Lakers lost to the Celtics. He stated that the 1984 summer season was the worst of his entire life. The multiple defeats that the team suffered then made him feel so depressed that he didn’t even want to leave his house. Despite this, he continued to practice his moves, thus improving his game.

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