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Madonna To Launch Workout DVD Series

She’s 54 and she looks insanely fit, healthy and energetic for her age. It’s no brainer everybody wants to know the diva’s secret fitness exercises. Madonna will launch a workout DVD series, “Addicted to Sweat, featuring fitness advice from personal trainer Nicole Winhoffer.

Since 2009, Nicole Winhoffer has been working intensely with Madonna. The 54-year-old international diva never looked better and seems to be fitter than in her 20s. It’s not much of a surprise, the Madonna – Winhoffer workout DVD series will be a raving success. All women dream to be half as fit as Madonna is after 50.

For the most part, the secret to Madonna’s amazing body is intense workout. Her dance moves are surely exhausting and just watching her go on stage is enough to understand why Madonna looks this great at 54. “Addicted to Sweat” the fitness DVD series Madonna and Winhoffer are about to launch, will feature some of the dance moves the pop queen is using in her current world tour.

All you’ll need to train like Madonna is a chair and the floor. You’ll learn some of Madonna’s most popular dance moves, such as the Drop Down, Ride The Horse and the Hop Forward. It’s basically a dancing workout using toning and cardio exercises with innovative dance.

Madonna’s workout DVD series include a four-disc set and training sessions similar to those at the Hard Candy Fitness. “Addicted to Sweat” is not only the name of Madonna’s upcoming workout DVD series, but also the name of the diva’s training program at the global fitness chain.

Nicole Winhoffer became Madonna’s personal training in 2009. Winhoffer told Shape magazine that Madonna’s former “trainer was recruiting professional dancers for the dance cardio portion of her fitness training. I was brought on board to assist her on her last tour”.

“When the tour ended, I immersed myself in understanding anatomy, physiology and the latest fitness trends while continuing my dance training” said Winhoffer of her first months with Madonna. “I continued to train Madonna and now I’m her primary trainer” added the professional dancer and fitness expert.

Winhoffer’s advice for people trying to commit to an effective fitness program is to “commit to change”. “Ask yourself if you’re living at your highest potential: physically, mentally and spiritually. If the honest answer is no, ask why”.

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