Madonna To Keep A Strict Hand Over Lourdes

People magazine reports that singer Madonna wants to keep a strict hand with her daughter Lourdes in the future. Although she is one of the most successful international stars, Madonna admits that she has to confront the same challenges that any other mother does when it comes to raising her four children.

Motherhood is never easy, not even when you are one of the world’s most popular celebrities. Madonna can confirm this as she recently stated in an interview that her relationship with her children is just as challenging as it is for any other woman her age. When the Material Mom gets home she has to leave all the glamour at the door and help her children with their activities, instead.

Madonna tries to identify herself with the rest of the single moms by confessing that her hectic programme makes it almost impossible to take care of her children the way she would have liked her to. Despite this, she makes sure to verify their homework and to argue with them whenever they don inappropriate clothes for their age. That is, indeed, a good piece of advice coming from someone who used to shock people with her pointy golden bras and almost nude scenes.

Although she is just as normal as any other mom, Madonna confessed that she is not as strict as she should be with Lourdes. The singer came to this conclusion when she saw pictures of her 15-year-old daughter smoking a cigarette. In fact, the music legend plans to apply tougher rules for Lourdes in the future because the singer doesn’t agree with smoking habits.

Madonna is an open-minded person in many ways, but she admitted that she will never allow her children to smoke because it’s bad for their health. The interpreter added that she negotiates with Lourdes every day in order to reach a compromise that works best for everyone, but destructive habits are out of the question. In her latest video, Madonna is shown while smoking a cigarette, but she confessed it was a prop.

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