Madonna Reveals her Former Boyfriend Cheated on Her

Madonna definitely managed to shock her audience at her latest performance. The famous singer has actually made a confession while being on stage. The star claimed that her former boyfriend cheated on her and of course, the audience was not expecting such a revelation. 

“I just wanted to share this little story with you,” Madonna told the crowd. Celebuzz reported that the star made the statements in front of no less than 20,000 fans. The story gets even more interesting as Madonna said that her boyfriend actually cheated on her with her personal trainer. 

“Once I had a Filipino trainer, this beautiful, beautiful girl. She was gorgeous and very talented as a trainer,” Madonna said. Reportedly, she was referring to trainer Nicole Winhoffer, who actually worked with Madonna for no less than five years. “But… she f—– my boyfriend,” Madonna went on to say. 

The star also revealed what she did after discovering the affair. “In this case, it was not a happy ending,” Madonna said. “I know I sound like I’m cynical and I don’t believe in romance and that I think everybody is backstabbing,” Madonna continued. “I fired her. I just wanted to share that with you,” the singer concluded. 

Indeed, Madonna and Nicole ended their collaboration in 2014. However, when it comes to the man who cheated on the singer, there are actually two possibilities. Madonna mentioned no names, but at that time she was dating Brahim Zaibat and Timor Steffens. 

So, Madonna and Brahim dated for no less than three years and separated in 2013. After the separation, she briefly reconciled with Timor, but they ended their romance sometime in mid-2014. The two men who might be associated to this case have not commented on the claims. On the other hand, Nicole is also expected to comment on the allegations.

However, the fact that the trainer that Madonna talked about might be Nicole has also been confirmed by several sources talking to some celebrity sites. One of these sources claimed that “Nicole has been teaching her own method in NYC and acts as if she left Madonna on her own to be an entrepreneur.”

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