Madonna Flashes Breast At Istanbul Fans

When it comes to Madonna, the overall opinion is that the whole world is at her feet. Her shows are mesmerizing while she remains an intense performer despite the age. Plus, every now and then, Madonna’s young spirit takes over for the wise woman. For instance, in a recent gig, Madonna flashed a breast at her Istanbul fans, and it was no wardrobe malfunction.

Madonna is kicking it off with her MDNA tour. Apparently the rule of the tour is raise hell. For instance, in the Tel Aviv concert, Madonna took a hit at Lady Gaga while playing “Express Yourself” to sound like “Born This Way”. She ended chanting “She’s not me”. Now, in a recent gig in Istanbul, Madonna let one of boobs slip out of the costume.

Fans in Istanbul got to see quite an intense “Human Nature” performance from Madonna. The 53-year-old performer undressed herself, taking down her white dress shirt and even some lacy lingerie piece. Eventually, it was down to pulling down a bra strap.

However she seemed to think it over, and decided to go for a much more outrageous move. Madonna pulled her right breast out and shouted “Oops” and then began unzipping her pants. She had a cheeky smile as she turned to her fans and showed them her temporary back tattoo reading “No Fear”.

Some might call Madonna’s nipple flash a desperate way to bring attention, but real fans are sure to remember the rebel “Material Girl”. However, it’s hard not to recall one of the singer’s moralist statements when earlier this year she ensured nothing’s going to slip of her costume during the Super Bowl performance.

“You don’t have to show your nipples to be interesting, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re cutting-edge if you do” said Madonna referring to the Janet Jackson 2004 nip slip during halftime Super Bowl.

Still, given that Madonna’s MDNA is her ninth world tour, it’s hard to bring something new to the table each time. Her performances are always met with high expectations, so maybe Madonna’s recent hell raising moments are a way to reduce the ordinary in the show.  However, MDNA ends in early 2013, so we can’t way to write about Madonna’s next outrageous attention-grabbing moment.

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