Madonna and Sean Penn Might be Back Together

Apparently, one former Hollywood couple managed to solve their issues and repair their relationship. Madonna and Sean Penn are said to have reconciled. So, Madonna and her ex-husband were spotted at a Golden Globe benefit gala holding hands and the former couple seemed very close. 

And that may not be all, as while taking the stage at the event, Madonna publicly revealed her adoration for her former husband. “Everywhere he went, people just — the crowds just parted, and it wasn’t because he’s a movie star and it’s not because he was carrying six guns. It’s because he put his heart and soul into this and with the help of so many people around the world and in this room,” the singer said. 

“So I want to say that, Sean, I love you. From the moment that I laid eyes on you. And I still love you, just the same. I just wish you would stop smoking so many cigarettes,” she added. Without a doubt, her statement was not expected. 

Madonna and Sean Penn married back in 1985. Their marriage lasted only four years and they have both moved on. The actor was married to Robin Wright for no less than 14 years. He also dated beautiful actress Charlize Theron, but they separated last year despite being engaged. On the other hand, Madonna was famously married to Guy Ritchie, but the pair ended their relationship in 2008. 

However, Madonna and Penn seemed to have remained friends since their divorce and they were various times spotted together. For instance, the actor was seen attending Madonna’s concerts. Madonna also dismissed claims that her former husband had been abusive to her during their marriage. 

Well, although many Madonna and Sean Penn fans would be happy to see the two stars together, apparently the singer’s son, Rocco, does not approve of this relationship. “[Madonna] loves Sean as much as she did when they first met,” an insider said according to Radar Online. “They are together. That’s why Rocco left. He hates Sean.” The celebrity site went on to add that Rocco actually wants to live with his father because of Madonna’s relationship with Penn. 

Madonna and Sean Penn have not talked about the dating rumors, but a Gossip Cop report denied the relationship existed. 

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