Madison Prewett’s Book ‘Made for This Moment’

Peter Weber’s season on The Bachelor will certainly go into history as being among the most dramatic seasons in television history in addition, Madison Prewett was in the center of the action.

Season 24’s runner-up starts her book of the same name, Made for This Moment Standing Strong with the Strength, Grace, and Courage and concludes with the tension-filled After the Final Rose special. Fans will be able to recall Weber trying to give it an attempt with Prewett after ending his brief engagement to Hannah Ann Sluss, the winner. Hannah Ann Sluss, but his mother, Barbara, making it clear to the crowd that she was not happy.

“Sometimes the most brave option is to not speak. This was exactly what the moment felt like for me. You know I’m a fighter. I’m a fighter,” Prewett exclusively told DailyGossip about her encounter with Barbara. “It isn’t easy for me to be silent. When you’re facing adversity or under pressure, the most difficult option is to simply trust “OK, God, like you’re going to defend my character. You’ll protect my reputation and reputation. There’s no reason for me to be fighting for my rights at the present moment.'”

Just two days after the shocking conclusion, Weber and Prewett announced that they were not looking to start a new relationship.

“It definitely feels like it was forever ago,” she said to Us. “I believe most of it has to do with the fact that the fact that the moment we entered quarantine. I remember that I got off the stage at the end and then two days later, the quarantine began. It struck immediately. It’s crazy to think about everything that’s transpired.”

In the book in the book, the Alabama native reveals her experiences with the ABC series , and also talks openly about the hurt she endured during her time with Weber. Overall however, she assured Us it was true that Weber represented her in a realistic way.

“People actually ask me all the time, like, ‘Do you feel like you were aired in your truest way and in a fair way?’ And I can honestly say yes, I do feel like, you know, my personality and my heart was shown,” she said. “I believe there’s an aspect of me that many people were unable to know about – or perhaps I didn’t let the truth out sufficiently — because it’s hilarious to everyone meets me they believe that I’m one) they believe I’m taller than. Therefore, when they meet me, I’m always said that you’re smaller in person than I imagined. Then 2) people will always say to me that they believed I’d be shy and silent.”

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Madison Prewett's book 'Made for This Moment": Everything She said About 'The Bachelor',' Peter Weber
Credit: ABC (2)

She was a bit frightened in “After the Final Rose’

“I was shocked by the allegations and hurtful remarks which seemed like an attack on my character and beliefs. They were words that were intended to scold me. This was not the kind of thing I had hoped for,” she wrote, noting that she “broke down completely” when she ran backstage after the segment. “I continued to run until I came across a single bathroom where I could lock myself inside and be by myself so I could collect my thoughts. I was reliving what happened, and felt embarrassed as well as humiliated and injured than I’ve previously.”

Madison Prewett's book 'Made for This Moment": Everything She said About 'The Bachelor',' Peter Weber
Credit: ABC

‘Bachelor’ Lost Her Luggage

When they traveled on their way to Costa Rica, production lost the luggage of the contestants. They were left without clothing as well as toiletries, for two whole days.

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Madison Prewett's book 'Made for This Moment": Everything She said About 'The Bachelor',' Peter Weber
Credit: ABC

Unaired Scene with Peter in Peru

Prewett recorded a private scene with Weber on their first date in Peru when he wowed her with a challenge to eat a heart of a fish.

“I am not one to back down from a challenge, so I tried not to think about what I was doing and threw back the fish heart and swallowed it fast, immediately chasing it down with water,” she wrote. “Although this part of the date wasn’t aired for everyone to see, our gross and funny moment of eating fish guts will be forever engrained in my memory.”

Madison Prewett's book 'Made for This Moment": Everything She said About 'The Bachelor',' Peter Weber
Credit: ABC

“Losing” Her Mind While Filming

Nine weeks into the season of filming, Prewett began “slowly losing” her mind.

“I was starting to be really homesick,” she wrote of accepting the rose which was a part of the top three. “Immediately after the ceremony I requested to speak about it with Peter privately. I told him that a fantasies suite week was difficult for me. I also mentioned that I was not sure I could advance in the relationship if he was involved with any of the women.”

Madison Prewett's book 'Made for This Moment": Everything She said About 'The Bachelor',' Peter Weber
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Then she can save herself for marriage

Prewett wrote about her decision to not be sexually active prior to getting married. She also acknowledged she was disappointed by her conversations with Weber regarding her decision.

“As he was on his other dates, I felt like I was going to hit my breaking point. I didn’t know if I could continue with the process,” she wrote. “He couldn’t understand why I was so worried about what had happened in his other relationships and why that should affect ours. I looked at him bleakly and responded, ‘I just can’t fathom on my engagement day, you get down on one knee and propose to me when six days before that you were intimate with someone else.'”

Madison Prewett's book 'Made for This Moment": Everything She said About 'The Bachelor',' Peter Weber
Credit: ABC

The End of Things with Peter

Prewett was contemplating the idea of quitting The Bachelor the night she discovered that Weber was in love with another girl from the dream suite. When Prewett decided to remain on, things never went the way they were between the two. “What was once pure happiness and hope was now a wall of distrust,” she wrote. “I believed that trust was destroyed, and I could not imagine how a relationship between us could continue to grow considering our differing views on relationship and life. … While I was so enthralled by Peter I was aware in my heart that there were huge rifts between our beliefs, morals and our lifestyles. I needed to be ready to leave the person I loved in order I could await God’s best for me.”

The Auburn student admitted to being attracted to stay, even as Weber tried to persuade her that she should stay, but she knew it wouldn’t work. She said her heart felt “so much loss” in her heart as she went out.

“The pain of the loss was heavy; I felt crushed,” she wrote. “I cared for Peter, and I sat in the car and cried for hours, thinking about all the amazing memories we created together.”

Prewett determined that the results “still remained” after several months of the “journey” with “many confusing twins and turns and highs and lows.”

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