Mabel Pantaleon The Missing Dexter Actress Is Manic Depressive

It’s been more than four days since Mabel Pantaleon, the “Dexter” actress, first went missing. Yesterday evening, authorities finally found the missing Dexter actress safe and sound although reports say she is manic depressive and could take off again.

Sunday, July 22nd, the 31-year-old actress who appeared on “Dexter” had a clash with her family. Mabel Pantaleon’s mother told ABC News the actress accused her family of being terrorists and then she went missing. Police sources say they found the troubled actress but with her history of manic depressive disorder, there’s always the risk of her having an episode.

During an ABC News appearance, Sylvia Pantaleon, the missing actress’s mother, explained her daughter is on medication, but she suspects she might have not taken her medication lately. Mabel Pantaelon’s four-day disappearance might be enough to confirm her mother’s suspicions.

“She was staying with me” Sylvia Pantaleon told ABC News. The actress moved in her mother house after she had lost her own home on 45th Street. “She saw something on the Internet and got very upset, and she started saying a lot of weird things. She said, ‘I’m leaving from here, all of you are terrorists, you’re not my mother’” recalled the actress’s mother. “I knew it wasn’t her” Sylvia Pantaleon concluded.

In a statement for E! News, the police asked the audience’s help in finding the 31-year-old manic depressive actress. They said Mabel Pantaleon was wearing a red T-shirt that had “Drake” written across the front. The police also believed the actress might be driving a silver 2004 Toyota Camry.

A recent update from the New York Daily News reads the actress was found safe. For the moment, there aren’t other details about the missing actress, but the family should issue a statement in case of her return.

Mabel Pantaleon had a lot of small roles on a lot of high audience TV series. “Dexter” was just one name in a list featuring “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, “Mystery ER” and the “Untold Stories of the ER”. She also had a few parts in movies such as “Choose Connor”, “The Gleam” and “Double Down”.

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