Luke Bryan Falls off the Stage during Charlotte Performance

Singer Luke Bryan has been through an unfortunate event during his latest performance, in Charlotte. The singer has fallen off the stage and got a few stitches. 

The 37 year old country singer was in the middle of singing Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ Can’t Hold Us when the incident occurred. Unfortunately for the singer, this is a performance he will not forget soon. The live show that Bryan was attending in Charlotte will surely not be forgotten soon by the fans of the famous singer, either. 

After falling off the stage, Luke Bryan received immediately aid and assistance from his team. Despite the incident, the star continued his performance. So, with the help of his team, Luke Bryan got back on the stage, despite the fact that he was really embarrassed. Definitely, fans appreciated his determination to be there and continue singing. Some fans posted messages on various social media sources saying that Bryan was visibly hurt, but he continued and put on the best show ever. 

“Check this out: the last time I was in North Carolina I busted my ass on stage! What is it about North Carolina that makes me bust my ass? Please YouTube that s–––!,” the singer said after he got back on the stage. He fell in the middle of his performance because he made a step that was too big, forward. The singer fell down in the area that separates the crowd from the stage.

Of course, the crowed encouraged the famous singer, who continued to perform with the single Crash My Party. This is not the first time when Luke Bryan is in such an embarrassing situation. Reports reveal that the singer also fell off the stage during a performance back in 2013. 

Following the incident, Luke Bryan posted a message on his Twitter account. The famous singer wanted to inform fans about his condition. “I’m good. Few stiches,” his post said. Most likely, the wounds will be soon cured and Luke Bryan will be in perfect condition to sustain more performances in front of his fans, who have been there for him.

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