Ludacris admits he doesn’t know How to Say No to His Daughters

The girls of Daddy! There are four top. one singles and more than a dozen tracks that have made it to the Billboard top 10 list, Ludacris isn’t required to impress anyone nowadays. However, the multi-platinum singer would like to ensure that his daughtersKarma, 20, Cadence, 7, Karma 20 Cai 7 Cadence 7, and Chance two months oldand with him on the right side of his back. The Grammy winner was interviewed by DailyGossip and candidly discussed the most difficult aspect of being a dad to girls.

“The worst part is when they start crying,” he said. “It’s sort of bittersweet. They cry, then they fall in my arms, and they’re looking to me for something. I’m not sure what to say That’s the hardest part.”

Ludacris added that girls are “wrapped around their fingers.”

His advice to other female dads is straightforward: “Just be patient and make sure you work out a lot to balance the testosterone levels in your household.”

For the most rewarding aspect of being a father to his daughters Karma’s World creator said Karma’s World creator said he’s “going to be well taken care of when I’m a very old man because the girls are going to take care of me.”

Ludacris admits he doesn't know What to Say No to His Four Daughters
Ludacris with daughter Chance Oyali Bridges. Photo courtesy of Ludacris/Instagram

While some of his tracks might not be safe for children The artist has come up with an all-new platform specifically for kids.

“I am a part of this platform, that is designed for children to learn about music and it’s a platform that teaches children and is known as KidNation. We partnered with a company called Moose Toys] that my children are awestruck with and we created the original song “Puppy Love,”” He shared the song with Us. “It’s the concept and the inspiration behind grooming and the ability to provide special care and responsibility for your dog and understanding that what’s underneath is what matters. I’m passionate about teaching young people, since once you’ve got kids the only thing your life is about. is creating an even better place.”

For more information about Ludacris collaborative venture on his collaboration KidNation along with Moose Toys, visit here. You can also listen to the brand new music for his upcoming Netflix series, Karma’s World.


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