Low-priced Polk T50 speakers

Even if most of these new speakers are coming in a small and more luxurious design, the new Polk T50 has a larger design. While sound bars are beginning to conquer the speaker market, presenting a good quality sound, full-size tower speakers are delivering a superior detailing, bass power, dynamic range and stereo imaging. 

These days, Polk has released another version of the full-size speaker, called T50. The great thing about these pair of speakers is that they come at an affordable price and do not take more space than a pair of monitor speakers on stands. Moreover, the new Polk T50 offers an incredible sound and delivers an incredible home theater performance.

Probably, Polk has been inspired by the budget-friendly Pioneer SP-FS52 tower, because the design is approximately the same. However, T50 doesn’t quite hit the same level of audio quality, because Pioneer SP-FS52 is way better. 

This is not a bad thing, because even if Pioneer offers an incredible sound, the new Polk T50 is very solid and really good. Another interesting thing is that Andrew Jones, the designer of Pioneer Sp-FS52, doesn’t work at the company anymore and his division is now owned by Onkyo. This means that it’s not sure if SP-FS52 speakers will remain on the market. In this case, the new Polk T50 will be a great substitute.

However, Polk T50 looks incredible and its medium-density fiberboard cabinet is covered with black grain, wood vinyl finish and a removable black cloth grille that protects the drivers. The towers are not very big, measuring 36.25 inches high, 8.75 inches deep and 7.75 inches wide. This means that they will fit perfectly in any living room and due to their incredible design, they will offer a good view. 

As for performance, the new Polk T50 gives a good impression, delivering a clear sound and defined bass. These speakers are also great for movies, and users will not miss the surround sound and a subwoofer, because T50 also have home theater skills. For its money, Polk T50 is a great speaker and also a strong contender on the speakers market. 

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