Loud-Music Murder Trial Continues as Michael Dunn Claims he acted in Self-Defense

One of the most debated cases at the moment is without a doubt the murder trial involving Michael Dunn, who shot and killed a teenager after an argument on loud rap music. As the loud-music trial continues, Michael Dunn says that he acted in self-defense. 

As Michael Dunn took the stand for a testimony on the trial in Duval County Courthouse, he said that he actually thought that he was going to be killed and so, he shoot the teenager to protect his own life. Michael claimed that he was in fear for his life. The 47 year old man broke in tears several times during his testimonial. 

The events date back to November 23, when Michael shot dead 17-year old boy Jordan Davis. Dunn said that when he saw Jordan Davis getting out of his car, he thought he was going to get killed. That was the moment when he panicked, he went on to explain. 

The whole incident occurred at a gas station in Florida. Michael Dunn claimed that he stopped there with his fiancée to buy a bottle of wine, after the wedding of his son. He explained that when his fiancée entered the store, the music from a red Dodge Durango parked there became really loud. 

My review mirror was shaking, my eardrums were vibrating. It was ridiculously loud,” Dunn claimed adding that he asked the persons in the car to turn the music down, and they turned it off, after which he thanked them. But, then they turned the volume back up, even louder. “I was in fear for my life, but I wasn’t to the point where I was ready to use deadly force. I was just going, ‘Oh my God, where is all this hostility coming from?'” the man explained in his testimonial.   

Michael Dunn said that he only opened fire when he saw something that looked like the barrel of a gun on the window of the car, while Davis got out of the vehicle. However, after the shooting, the cops found no weapons in the vehicle. 

Michael Dunn claimed that he wanted to protect his fiancée and was certain that he did nothing wrong, but only acted in self-defense.

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