Lots Of Work Ahead Of London Olympics

London is getting ready to welcome the Olympic teams, so the entire city is busy making preparations for the much-awaited sports event. The British press, however, is worried that the work won’t be finished by the time the athletes get to the Olympia Park, according to the Associated Press.

There are less than two weeks left before the opening ceremony of the London Summer Olympics. Yet, the famous site doesn’t look ready to welcome international athletes, press members and other guests. Organizers have spoken with reporters at the Associated Press and reassured everyone that all works will be finished in due time.

Local residents are not satisfied with the appearance of the park, either. Chris Allen, a Londoner, who was visiting the place, described the area as “a bit industrial”. He was particularly displeased with the fact that the Olympic Park does not feature the famous green fields that are usually connected to England.

Organizers, on the other hand, think everything is going according to the plan. They rejected any association with the delays that were registered during the preparations of the 2004 Olympics in Athens. In fact, they claim that Londoners should be proud as organizers managed to complete the construction of the “Shard” before the Summer Games. Spokespersons further explained that the place looks a little bit messy because workers have to install seats and get the site ready for televisions.

Planners want the Olympic Park to be perfect for the international athletes, so they prefer to make slow, but sure arrangements. They will take special care of the landscape and lawns will be mowed right before the curtains go up on July 27th.

London officials were worried that preparation works might have been delayed by the recent fallout of a security contract. Around 3,500 troops were brought in to replace the security employees of G4S after their contract proved to be incorrect. Some of the troops that were selected to fill the shortfall have just completed their tours of duty in Afghanistan.

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