Los Angeles City Council Makes Meatless Mondays Official

As obesity still ranks as a major health problem in today’s America, local authorities are pushing for healthy food initiatives. For instance, the Los Angeles City Council has made Meatless Mondays official as of today.

This must be a nightmare for fast food and beverage industries as more and more local authorities are pushing for a healthier life style. Los Angeles joins New York in the fight against obesity with a healthy initiative that has Meatless Mondays instated in city restaurants.

The City Council voted 14 to 0 to push for the Meatless Mondays initiative that should encourage LA residents and passers-by to give up meat for a day. Developed by the Food Policy Council, Meatless Mondays is not a law, but just an initiative to have people in restaurants encouraged to eat vegetables and fruits, some of them produced locally.

“We can reduce saturated fats and reduce the risk of heart disease by 19 percent” Jan Perry with the LA City Council told The Daily News. “While this is a symbolic gesture, it is asking people to think about the food choices they make. Eating less meat can reverse some of our nation’s most common illnesses” Jan Perry added.

People eating meat often have been linked to the development of some of the most expensive illnesses for America today. Heart disease, breast, colon, prostate and kidney cancers are just at the top of the health problems obesity causes. On the overall, these cost the United States $190 billion each year.

Since eating a hamburger on Meatless Monday isn’t going to get you a fine, city officials hope their initiative will start a new trend, making city residents more aware of what they eat. “The issue is how does a local municipality engage in this and how do we create change” explains Councilman Ed Reyes.

“If we do it one plate at time, one meal, one day, we are ratcheting down the impact on our environment. We start with one day a week and then, who knows, maybe we can change our habits for a lifetime” the Councilman added.

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