Looking for a Cool iPhone 5 Case? Check Out These Models

iPhone 5 is for most a fashion accessory and chance to make  a style statement. This is something that’s been said a lot lately, as accessory makers have released in just three months an overwhelming variety of cases for iPhone 5, one more fashion-forward than the other. Accessory makers have released products for the consumers with an original taste, which translates as some of the coolest iPhone 5 cases. Down the page you’re going to find some of the coolest iPhone 5 cases that were released this year.

Game Boy Retro Case for iPhone 5

You might have noticed that retro is back in style, and you’re definitely not a hipster or a cool geek until you add an iPhone 5 Game Boy case to your collection. It only costs $14.99 and comes in two theme colors (white and black). RocketCases’ Game Boy Retro case for iPhone 5 is made from smooth, soft silicone that’s tear resistant and a breeze to clean it up; buttons and screen on the back panel are very close to an authentic Game Boy experience.



Opena Case for iPhone 5

Every accessory maker today brags about its case being the world’s most functional, but Opena has a product that’s insanely handy at the beach, at a party and barbecues and even watching the game with the boys. It costs 39.95$ and it features a lighter, a thinner and a slide out stainless steel bottle opener. The case is made from super tough polycarbonate and is available in two theme colors, Gun Metal Black and Arctic White.


Rabito Bunny Ears Case for iPhone 5

Well, Easter is close by, it’s time to start thinking about family dinners and gifts. Rabito is an iPhone 5 protective case that comes with bunny ears and a small fuzzy tail. It’s a great gift for that niece you haven’t seen in a while. It costs $19.99 and is available in 8 different color themes, so what the hell, go on a shopping spree and get one for all your friends and family.

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