Logitech Launched The Washable Keyboard

No more coffee spilling panic for computer buffs around the world, thanks to a new invention. Logitech launched the washable keyboard this month. Computer users’ moms are thrilled!

It’s not often we take a close look at our keyboards. Every now and then, when it’s time for the professional cleanup we are often amazed and shocked, and then disgusted of the things underneath the keyboard. Everyone does it, don’t look so innocent. Leaving crumbs or spilling water, soda and tea are common hazards and the proof is your keyboard.

Thanks to Logitech’s first washable computer keyboard, the ickiness stops here. Sophie Le Guen, senior director of mice and keyboards at Logitech said: “Because life and its messes will happen, regardless of how careful you are, Logitech designed the Logitech Washable Keyboard K310 to look and function like new, even over time.”

The main idea of a keyboard that can be washed with the dishes exists with the peripheral equipment producers for quite a while. But none of them until now, managed to design and release one. The new Logitech keyboard has all the features your everyday (dirty) keyboard has: a numpad, the whole range of F keys and extra internet and video player buttons along with hotkeys for quick browsing and navigation.

Logitech’s washable computer keyboard is designed to endure from a mild dusting to a full rinsing in the sink along with your dishes. The buttons and other features are made to be submerged up to 11 inch underwater (except the USB port that must be kept dry). The ventilation holes strategically placed on the keyboard make it faster and more efficient to dry.

Logitech launched a washable keyboard clearly designed the device to stand the wear and tear of time and intensive use and messy eaters. The letters are laser carved and the buttons well and stiff placed so it will resist dirt, water or baby fingers trying to take out the buttons.

The ergonomic shape of the washable keyboard makes it easy to use, just like most of Logitech’s products. In fact, buttons have been made to resist up to 5 million strokes.

The new Logitech washable keyboard will be sold in the U.S the suggested retail price of  $39.99.

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