Live Grain Free Diet System Review or How Gluten Keeps You Fat and Sick

Wouldn’t you love to live on a diet that allows you to enjoy chocolate cake, cookies, deep dish pizza and lasagna without counting calories and worrying about getting fat?

The live grain free diet system helps you take back control of your health and body, without all the suffering and sacrifices. And it even makes healthy food taste like a forbidden guilty pleasure mouth-watering delicacy, while keeping you safe from auto-immune disease and depression, heartburn, joint pain, brain fog and bloating.

To lose weight effectively and keep all those pounds off you need to understand that eating just grains and grass might not cut if for you. Drop all the new-age weight loss diets and understand that it’s not eating low carbs that helps you lose pounds, but eating the right kind of carbs that makes the difference. So stop eating brown rice and grains each day, each meal, for weeks in a row or food that is said to be healthy, when it is in fact making you fat and you don’t even know it.

There’s been a lot said about the benefits of living a grain free diet system, but one of the most convincing stories is that of Kelsey, currently a Natural Food Chef and Nutritionist. It was her own struggle with extra-pounds that she couldn’t shake off no matter what she ate that motivated Kelsey into becoming a nutritionist and helping others struggling with belly fat and depression live a healthier life in a healthier body. The live grain free diet system review down the page explains how gluten impacts your health and makes it almost impossible to have a flat belly.

The live grain free diet system review of food that makes you fat and sick, talks about a protein food you might not even know it is actually protein. Eating whole grains will cause belly fat and bloating, impacting your energy levels and even moods. The gluten it contains causes most of the harm, as it triggers in the body swelling, inflammation and even damage to surrounding body systems.

By the way, did you know the word “gluten” is actually a derivate of the latin word for “glue”?

Our own digestive system considers gluten an invader and treats it just like a virus or an infection, as a result it dispatches cells to ward off the invader and sends a painful warning sign that you shouldn’t be eating gluten anymore. So, while you think you’re eating healthy, you are in fact putting your body at risk of auto-immune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue, Psoriasis and Fibromyalgia.

Basically, if you are at your wits’ end depressed that you can’t shake off 10-20 pounds no matter what you do, think about it: are you poisoning yourself with gluten on a regular basis? Breads, pasta and all kinds of baked goods usually contain gluten but so might soy sauce, salad dressings, chocolate, pickles and cold-cut meals. To remove gluten from your diet avoid any product containing wheat, barley, rye, spelt, malt and Modified Food Starch. The live grain free diet system eBook provides you with food recipes that don’t contain gluten, but are healthy and so delicious the whole family will enjoy them.

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