Lisa Marie Presley Embraces Her Own Style In New Album

Lisa Marie Presley no longer wants to compete with her father’s legacy. She has done this in her first two albums, but fans did not appreciate her efforts. The singer is determined to embrace her own style in her new album, “Storm and Grace”, says Reuters.

Being the child of one of the most loved singers in the world is not as easy and glamorous as it looks like. Irrespective of what these children choose to make in their lives, they will always be compared with their parents and sometimes even criticized for not being able to become as successful as them. The King’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley is the best example in this sense because she was always compared with her father, Elvis Presley.

The singer released two albums, “To Whom It May Concern” and “Now What”, but the style she used did not represent her. Lisa Marie explained that she adopted an angry and defensive style because she didn’t want people to think that she is just her father’s copycat. Unfortunately, she never managed to be someone else and those who have bought her albums understood this. As a consequence, Lisa Marie has found “a new bed” for herself in the new record.

The interpreter thinks the style of “Storm and Grace” is much more appropriate for her voice, so fans will quickly accept it. There are various rhythms on the record, but Lisa stated that they have nothing to do with the current pop trend. Judging by the lyrics of her songs, we would say that the singles give voice to some of her thoughts related to her childhood and her father.

Even though Lisa Marie has always looked for ways to distinguish herself from her father, she never wanted to diminish his fame, either. She told Reuters reporters that Elvis Presley changed the world through his songs, so he deserves to be acknowledged as a King. In fact, she is proud and happy to see that people still listen to his music and cherish his hits.

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