Lisa Lampanelli Loses 80 Pounds After Surgical Intervention

Lisa Lampanelli, the plump “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant and stand-up comedian, has lost 80 pounds after surgical intervention. Lisa admitted she needed specialized help to deal with her excessive appetite, so she went under knife to decrease the size of her stomach, according to a recent CNN report.

Lisa Lampanelli is now in an amazing body shape thanks to the recent surgical intervention she has been through. The reality TV star used to weigh 248 pounds; the intervention enabled her to lose 80 pounds, so far, but the actress plans to get even slimmer in the following months.

Liza told the media that she has been through various diets since she was a child, but nothing could prevent her from adding weight. After 32 years, the comedian acknowledged that fact that exercises and diets won’t prevent her from gaining weight, so she went through a drastic change.

Lampanelli decided to try one of the surgical interventions that are very common among celebrities at present, namely bariatric surgery. The procedure presupposes the reduction of the stomach size by implanting a special medical device or by cutting off part of the stomach. Lisa did not say what type of technique doctors used for her, but she was very satisfied with the results she obtained so far.

The former “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant confessed that she no longer has to eat big amounts of food in order to feel full. By the time she gets to the third or fourth bite, Lampanelli feels she has had enough food, so she leaves the rest of it for later. In spite of the surgical intervention, the 51-year-old comedian continues to behave normally. She told Dr. Oz that she orders food just like the rest of the people in the restaurant, just that she rarely gets to finish it.

Liza Lampanelli is very satisfied with the choice she has made. She concluded the interview by telling the audience that her life is even better now than it used to be before the intervention.

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