Lionsgate to reboot “Dirty Dancing”

Lionsgate is preparing to reboot “Dirty Dancing”. The original choreographer of the movie, Kenny Ortega, is going to direct the new film, according to Access Hollywood.

Dirty Dancing was one of the most iconic love stories ever told on the big screen.  The plot is characteristic to the 80s: the daughter of a respectable doctor’s family falls in love with a rebel who is a dance instructor at a fancy retreat.  The dancer is played by Patrick Swayze and the doctor’s daughter is played by Jennifer Grey.

Now, Lionsgate plans to reboot the movie and Ortega is the key to its success. “The opportunity to direct ‘Dirty Dancing’ is like returning home for me”, the director said in a statement. “Growing up in the 60’s, on the dance floor helped define me as a person and as an artist. I am looking forward to assembling a great creative team and an exciting cast to bring ‘Dirty Dancing’ to the screen for a new generation”, he added. Ortega then put actor and dancer Patrick Swayze on the same pedestal as the older generation of actors-dancers, such as Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, saying that he “set the bar for men dancing in the movies.” The director ‘s opinion is that the trend should not stop as there are many talents waiting to be discovered. “I believe everywhere you look there is evidence that the talent is out there and I can’t wait to begin the process of discovering the next breakout triple-threats.”

25 years after “Dirty Dancing” was released, people still talk about the hot dancing scenes in the movie and still find the idea of the movie, attractive. Joe Drake, co-Chief Operating Officer of Lionsgate believes that this is the perfect time to add a modern touch to the story.

Where is the original cast now?

Patrick Swayze (Johnny Castle) – the actor passed away of pancreatic cancer in 2009. He left behind his wife for 34 years, Lisa Niemi. He received his diagnosis in 2008. He stayed active until his death, at 57 years old.

Jennifer Grey (Frances “Baby” Houseman) – age 51; she won the “Dancing With The Stars “contest, season 11; prior to the contest she underwent a tumor removal surgery and is now healthy. She is married to actor Clark Gregg since 2001 and they have a daughter, Stella, who is 10 years old.

Cynthia Rhodes (Penny Johnson) – age 54; she is married to 6-years-younger singer Richard Marx since 1989. They have three children. She retired from acting in 1991. The family lives in Lake Bluff, Illinois.

Jerry Orbach (Dr, Jake Houseman) – the actor passed away in 2004 at 64 years old. He spent the last ten years of his life battling cancer. His agent announced that the actor died on December 28, 2004 of prostate cancer.

One of the most memorable Dirty Dancing scenes is the one in which Baby enters the room of Castle for the first time. Will the new movie be able to capture a scene that would become as iconic as this one?

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  1. What if…. Instead of pissing off the world by remaking a Classic yet again… You make a new concept movie… “Dirty Dancing… What IF” … Make the story line of them in their 30’s and having to change with the times… I would be the first in line to audition. I look almost identical to Jennifer Grey. ; ) (just throwing you a bone that you seem to desperately need after all the pissed off comments of the world.

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