LinkedIn Continues New Page Revamp

After making a series of changes in May, LinkedIn continues their new page revamp by including several other features. According to CNET, these recently included options are meant to facilitate users’ access to any information related to their company.

LinkedIn is determined to offer its users a professional social network; therefore, the company will enact a series of changes in the following period. Thus, users will be able to read the most recent news related to their companies or their network. Moreover, thanks to the redesigned page, they will be able to directly comment and like the articles within their tab.

Ryan Roslansky, head of Content Products at LinkedIn, discussed the features of the revamped page on its personal blog. He explained that people who use the professional social network will be able to narrow down the information displayed on their customizable news feed according to their personal needs. In addition, users can easily gather insights about people who work in the same company or within the same field.

LinkedIn spokeswoman, Julie Inouye, reassured customers that it will be a lot easier for them to keep in touch with their connections through the social network. They will all read only the articles that are relevant for their working field and they will easily share news among them thanks to the commenting and the liking features. Employees who want to know what their bosses think about a certain subject can customize the LinkedIn news feed to receive the same articles as their employers.

The redesign of LinkedIn began in May when CEO Jeff Weiner simplified his network by getting rid of all the superfluous information on their pages. They were also helped by Twitter’s decision to remove its updates from LinkedIn profiles. The site is now cleaner and, most importantly, it contains only LinkedIn information.  

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