Lindsay Lohan Will Sue The Victim Of Her Hit-and-Run

Last week Lindsay Lohan got arrested for hitting a man with her car as she was parking her Porsche. Lindsay Lohan then dismissed the allegations and now she has decided to sue the victim of her hit-and-run.

Lindsay Lohan kept out of trouble for a while, but last week reports say she got back to her old self. While she was parking her car, Lindsay Lohan reportedly clipped a man with her Porsche and then left without giving him much attention. In fact her hit-and-run victim says she was drunk driving. Lindsay Lohan decided to sue the victim for defamation.

TMZ.com reports that Lindsay Lohan is so outraged by her hit-and-run victim’s drunk driving claim she is determined to see him in court. The 26-year-old star apparently told her friends she’s “tired of people lying just to score a quick paycheck” and wants to clear her reputation.

Sources say Lindsay Lohan feels the whole hit-and-run claim is “really fishy” and will not “let the incident go and is planning on fighting it to the end”. So, we can only imagined how enraged she became when she got news of her victim saying she was drunk when the hit-and-run occurred.

The man who says Lindsay Lohan injured him with her car told TMZ the 26-year-old was “slurring” and “smelled like alcohol”. Lindsay Lohan’s hit-and-run victim named Jose Rodriguez is a 34-year-old cook in Manhattan and reports read he was taken to the hospital after the car accident.

Last week, Lindsay Lohan was arrested by police officers waiting in front of the Dream Hotel, where she entered with some friends after the hit-and-run. The latest car event Lindsay Lohan got involved might spell trouble for the 26-year-old. She is already on probably until 2014 for stealing a necklace.

In the meanwhile, Dina Lohan, the actress’s mom, believes her daughter might have been set up by Gavin Doyle, her assistant. Dina said is “all very sketchy” seeing as her daughter had a lot of legal troubles over the past few years.

While she’s not taking the fault for Lindsay Lohan’s legal issues, Dina feels like at least some of the 5 times rehab holidays her daughter took might be her fault. In fact she confessed to the New York Daily News she might not push her daughter into show business if she could go back and do parenting all over again.

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