Lindsay Lohan Will Play Liz Taylor Part In Lifetime Biopic

Given the troubles Lindsay Lohan has been having lately, not many movie producers would touch that. However, there’s one part that Lindsay was ruled to be perfect for. Lindsay Lohan will play Liz Taylor part in lifetime biopic.

The casting decision was made official this Monday by Lifetime. However it wasn’t exactly breaking news, since it’s been rumored within the industry for some time now that Lindsay Lohan will play Liz Taylor part in lifetime biopic. Perhaps, the new part is going to be a great opportunity for Lohan to put the troubles behind and revamp her career.

The lifetime biopic is named “Liz & Dick” and shooting will start this summer in early June. Although the biopic focuses more on the love story between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, it’s almost advised that Lindsay Lohan must try to make something of it.

Lindsay Lohan was thrilled with the opportunity. She told Us Weekly that she has always “admired and had enormous respect for Elizabeth Taylor”. Lohan added that Liz Taylor “was not only an incredible actress but an amazing woman as well. I am very honored to have been asked to play this role”.

Plus, according to executive producer Larry Thompson, Lindsay was perfect for the part from the beginning. The truth is that the Liz Taylor – Richard Burton love affair is a story of abuse, controversy, passion and power. At least for some of these, Lindsay Lohan qualifies.

Larry Thompson told E! News that they had to wait for Lindsay to handle all the stuff in her life before shooting for the movie. “We have wanted Lindsay from day one. She had a lot in her life that was going on. We needed to give her time to take care of her business, and while we negotiated the deal for her we prayed for her” to behave.

The flick follows Liz and Richard as they fall in love, leave their respective spouses, get married, get divorced and then remarry and end up in divorce once again. What a bumpy road. However it was during this time that Liz became the actress many have in mind. Her performance in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” will remain a milestone in her career and a beautiful performance in the movie industry.

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