Lindsay Lohan Still Sober

Lindsay Lohan is finally on the right path. If the headlines when it comes to troubled celebrities have been lately taken by Amanda Bynes, Linday Lohan seems to have been able to stay away from issues. Moreover, it has been claimed that the star is willing to make a comeback in her acting career.

Is Lindsay Lohan finally able to make a career comeback? The actress seems to be determined to put her career on the right track and she already made the first step to that. Lindsay is now starring in London play Speed the Plow. The performances will close on November 29 and reports revealed that Lindsay is already thinking about the next step in her career. 

Last month, reports indicated that the actress’s mom has already started to look for an apartment for her daughter’s return in the US. Sources claimed that Lindsay is doing better than ever and the star is determined to be a movie star again. “Lindsay plans to return home to her family in New York for a bit and is then heading to L.A. because she has three big movies that she is getting ready to star in,” the source said. 

Lindsay’s lawyer also claimed that the prosecutors and the judge are very pleased with how the actress is doing on her probation, in her career and life. Sources claimed that Lindsay has been sober and has allowed her old friends back into her life, as actually, the “old Lindsay” is back. 

Well, there are also some sources which claim that the star is not as well as her friends are trying to show. So, according to these sources Lindsay is still heavily partying and drinking. Moreover, the legal issues of the star are not completely over. The actress and her brother are in trouble, as they were sued for $60 million. The trial is linked to a fashion e-commerce app that Lindsay and Michael Lohan have launched. 

Well, it is yet to see which of the two sides is right and if Lindsay is on the right path staying sober, or the actress is once again wild partying and drinking all night. 

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