Lindsay Lohan Says she Handled Whitney Houston’s Body Bag

Lindsay Lohan recently made some curious revelations. The troubled star actually said that she handled Whitney Houston’s body bag. The famous actress recently opened up about her troublesome past and revealed her five-year plan. 

During this new interview with the Telegraph, Lindsay Lohan said that despite what people may think, for her fame is not everything. “Living a life in the public eye — that, I could have taken more responsibility for,” Lindsay said. “But I didn’t know how. Honestly, I didn’t know how. I didn’t realise it — I’ve never Googled myself, I don’t understand it,” the star added. 

“I was kind of hanging on to nothing. I was by myself for a long time. And it was hard to be in LA — I had this beautiful house, and these things, which really don’t, essentially, mean anything. And it was … it was rough for a minute,” Lindsay went on to explain. So, the star also decided to talk about her issues with alcohol and drug abuse. 

Lindsay Lohan is going to make her debut soon in Speed The Plow. The talented actress seems to be willing to change her life, focus on her career, but also be happy. In her interview, Linday was asked where she sees herself in 20 years. The star claimed that she wants to work, but she also wants to fall in love and have a family.  

However, Lindsay did not reveal at this point if she is seeing someone. The actress claimed that she wants an Oscar nomination and she is willing to work hard to achieve it. The star added that people commonly have a misconception of who she is. 

The actress also went on to explain that she “rolled a body bag” for Whitney Houston’s body during her community service at a morgue. The star said that this punishment was really inappropriate. She had to complete these community service work hours as punishment for violating her probation. 

In the past few years, Lindsey Lohan surely seemed to be unable to stay away from issues. The star has been arrested several times, while her career had a lot to suffer. 

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