Lindsay Lohan’s Reality Show Debut

Lindsay Lohan’s reality show had debuted on Sunday. The show airs on Oprah Winfrey Network and focuses on the actress’s struggle to get back to a normal life. The show was quite interesting. 

If it began with Lindsay looking to be a whole new person, committed to her treatment and her attempt to change her life, by at the end of the show Lindsay seemed out of control, with absolutely no idea of what she is doing. The actress also looked to be quite bothered by the restrictions set by Oprah. 

The reality show indicates that Lindsay Lohan moved to New York to get a fresh start, as she actually felt like a prisoner in the past few months, with the paparazzi chasing her all the time. Lindsay claimed that she needed to get away, although she had learned how to isolate herself from the craziness and insanity around her. 

Lindsay searched for an apartment in New York for almost 2 months until she found one she absolutely loved. However, the troubles that the actress had in the past made it impossible for Lindsay to rent the apartment of her choice. The actress is asked to get renter’s liability insurance before she can move to the new apartment. Lindsay responds in the show that “I can’t get it because of who I am.”

Even though there are no exact specifications, everyone knows what Lindsay means when she says that. And this is just one issue that Lindsay has and which can be watched in the first episode of the show. At one point the actress asks her assistant to move all her stuff from one hotel room to another, just because she feels claustrophobic. 

By the end of the first episode, Lindsay breaks down as she feels that one of her friends is trying to take advantage of her at a photo shoot she previously agreed to take. 

The show might become extremely popular, as the actress still has numerous fans, who surely are interested in the way Lindsay is doing and if the actress can finally leave all the trouble behind her. However, many fans who care for Lindsay seem to wonder if it would have not been better for the star to solve her issues away from the public’s eye. 

Filming for the reality show began 6 months ago, when Lindsay finished her last rehab stint. The already famous interview that the actress had with Oprah is rumored to come in the next episode of Lindsay. 

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