Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Relieved Her Daughter Is Safe

Lindsay Lohan’s mom, Dina Lohan declared in a recent interview with Entertainment News that she was relieved to see her daughter was safe after the NYC hotel room incident. The woman was worried that Lindsay might have been hurt by Christian LaBella, but she becalmed herself when the actress returned home.

Dina Lohan was contacted by reporters at Entertainment News to find out more about the actress’ condition after being assaulted on Saturday night by Christian LaBella. The mother of the 26-year-old actress told the press that she was relieved to see her daughter back home on Sunday morning.

Dina confessed that she was very disturbed by the news that Lindsay was attacked by an unknown man during a friends’ night out on Saturday evening. She was unable to rest until her daughter was safe at home, but the woman is glad that police officers made it in time to rescue LiLo and arrest Christian LaBella. 

Lindsay Lohan, too, is slowly recovering from the shock that she suffered. Her mother stated that the “Liz & Dick” star was visibly “rattled and shaken” by the experience she has been through. Dina did not provide other details in relation to the attacker except for the fact that he was taken in custody and investigators will make sure he gets the deserved sentence for his deeds.

On Sunday afternoon Christian LaBella was arrested and charged with assault and harassment. The New York Police Department, however, published a statement later on, saying that the man was released from their custody and charges have been dropped because the investigation proved the man did not attack Lindsay.

Lindsay Lohan arrived at the New York Police Department on early Sunday morning claiming she was attacked by a man she met in the 1Oak nightclub. According to her declaration, the actress was with her friends in the New York club when she met Christian LaBella. They all headed to the actress’ room in Hotel W, but Lindsay got into an argument with the man because she thought he was taking pictures of her. The troubled star claimed the man punched her and attempted to choke her, but the investigation determined none of this was actually true.

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