Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Drugged at Friend’s Wedding

Lindsay Lohan mostly managed to stay away from trouble in the past few months. Actually, ever since she moved to London, Lindsay has stayed away of the paparazzi. However, it seems now that this does not also mean that the star has overcome all her issues. According to the latest rumors, Lindsay has actually been spotted while being drugged at one of her friend’s wedding. 

Reportedly, Lindsay acted outrageously while attending her friend’s wedding last week. Sources claimed that the star admitted that she had been drugged and this was the cause of her outrageous acts. So, last weekend, Lindsay attended the wedding of Justin Etzin. The star revealed the fact that she was present at the special event through a photo shared on Instagram. 

The actress had worn a long, white dress at the event and she actually drew some criticism from her fans for this decision. After all, at a wedding the only woman who can wear white is the bride. Well, it seems that for Lindsay attending the event has not been about celebrating the couple. According to one insider, the actress was seen painting her nails during the wedding ceremony, taking photos and doing impressions of Paris Hilton. The star also got upset when someone took a photo of her and started speaking with a British accent. 

But, that might not be all. The actress is said to have left the event quite early, having to return to her home because she was intoxicated. However, Lindsay claimed that someone drugged her. She left home after running naked to the shock of the guests. “She took off all her clothes and got completely naked and was running around her villa screaming that she’d been drugged,” a source said. Lindsey also claimed that she lost some jewelry at the wedding and actually, she alleged to have been the victim of a theft. 

Well, after numerous reports revealed various aspects of Lindsay’s alleged wild behavior, a rep for the groom decided to deny the story, claiming that none of the claims was true. 

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