Lindsay Lohan out clubbing after house arrest

Less than 24 hours after being released from her sentence consisting in a 35 days in house arrest, with no drinking and no partying, actress and party girl Lindsay Lohan is back to the white nights life she enjoyed before “prison”.

It’s hard to trust Lindsay Lohan. If not impossible. The actress, who promised that this summer would focus on her 480 hours of community service and on her acting, went out clubbing just a few hours after being released from house arrest. The place where the ankle monitor was removed from hasn’t even got the chance to chill, because this blonde decided she’s gotta have more fun.

The paparazzi surprised her on Wednesday night coming out of the Lexington Social Club Bar in Hollywood, together with 26-year-old actor Emile Hirsch, whom you might know from “Into the Wild.” Is she dating him, or they are only buds?  We don’t know, at least not yet. She spent about five hours inside the club, and according to her, she only stick to sodas. At 2 a.m. they came out of the club and the 24-year-old looked a little messy. Her eyes said she may have mistaken the soda cans with other types of cans. Plus, as you can see, she has to lean on the wall so she could walk straight. And this is no speculation, according to omg! it was reported that she kind of …stumbled on her way out. But she blamed the camera flashes.

She then got into a car with some other friends, all smiles.

Lohan has been given a sentence of 35 house arrest – jail was out of the discussion as the Los Angeles women prison apparently is full -, 480 hours of community service to a women’s shelter and to the county’s morgue, and a course anti-shoplifting. Later this years she should begin filming for “Gotti: In The Shadow of My Father.”

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  1. happy birthday lindsay, i hope that u read that, ur the best artist to me in everything, in acting, in singing, in whatever u want but why r u doing that in urself we really love u, there is nothing forces us to do so, there is only one think that we admire u in whatever u do, plz take care of urself we want see u in the first place in hollywood

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