Lindsay Lohan no longer a party girl

Lindsay Lohan has finally found the power to overcome her drug addiction and become the good girl we have known at the beginning of her career. According to Reuters, the actress confessed that she is no longer a party girl and that she has recently discovered her “homebody” side.

The 25-year-old actress seems to be on the right path as she hasn’t been arrested for a while. Lohan had various legal problems in the past including drunk driving, drug possession and theft. Judges have put her on probation after admitting to having stolen a gold necklace from a jewelry store in January 2011. As a consequence, the actress is now serving court-ordered community service at the Los Angeles County morgue.

However, the party days and nights are over as Lindsay Lohan told TV host Matt Lauer of NBC’s “Today” that she no longer considers herself a party girl, but rather a “homebody”. She realized this several months ago when she went out with some of her old friends and she felt very uncomfortable the whole time. The “Mean Girls star declared that she didn’t feel tempted to use drugs again, but she realized that doing the same thing over and over again is not funny anymore.

There are other ways of having fun, in Lohan’s opinion. She admitted that she prefers to spend her free time at home and dedicate herself to other activities besides clubbing.

Lindsay realizes that she has made great steps in treating her addiction because now she can freely talk about her problems. She told Lauer that she was afraid to admit that she was having an issue and this was the main factor preventing her from getting cured. She concluded her interview by saying that she will do her best not to let people down, especially those who have invested in her.

2012 looks like a promising year for the 25-year-old actress as she will take part in numerous TV projects. Starting this March, she will be the host of the U.S. sketch comedy show “Saturday Night Live”. In addition, the actress will also interpret Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming movie.

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