Lindsay Lohan Meets Step-Sister Ashley Horn

Michael Lohan has agreed to take the paternity test and determine once and for all whether Ashley Horn is his Lindsay Lohan’s step-sister or not. The results of the test have shown that Michael Lohan has indeed conceived the 17-year-old girl with his ex-partner Kristi Horn, Us Weekly reports.

The results of Michael Lohan’s paternity tests were revealed during this Thursday’s edition of “Trisha Goddard” talk show. According to the content of the envelope, Michael Lohan is indeed the father of 17-year-old girl, Ashley Horn, who captured tabloids’ attention in the past months. The news shocked actress Lindsay Lohan who was forced to deal with the fact that she now has a step-sister.

Rumors began a long time ago when Kristi Horn declared that Ashley’s biological father is Michael Lohan. Her statement caused various conflicts among the actress’ family, especially since Michael was married from 1985 to 2007 to Dina Lohan with whom he has four children including Lindsay and Ali. Michael tried to justify his relationship with Kristi Horn by stating that he and Dina Lohan have been separated on various occasions.

Ashley met Michael for the first time during the show, but she was very reluctant in accepting him as a father. She was very eager to open the envelope containing the results of the paternity test telling the talk show host that she wants to be the first to find out the truth because it is her life. Michael, however, reminded her that the results will influence all their lives not just Ashley’s. “It’s all of our lives,” he replied.

As soon as she read that Michael was her father, Ashley remained silent. Her mother, Kristi, burst into tears telling Michael that he missed 17 years from his daughter’ life. Goddard’s confirmation of the paternity test was followed by an awkward and rather hostile conversation between the newly reunited father and daughter. Ashley told Michael that she did it because she only wanted to prove him the truth, but she refused to hug Michael when he attempted to hug her.

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