Lindsay Lohan Kicks Assistant Out Of Car After He Bails Her Out Of Jail

Actress Lindsay Lohan is once again behind bars! The “Liz & Dick” star was arrested on Thursday for punching a woman in front of a nightclub. Her faithful assistant, Gavin Doyle hurried to bail her out of the jail, but Lohan kicked him out of the car as soon as she was freed, Us Weekly reports.

Gavin Doyle has been through many tests since he has become Lindsay Lohan’s friend and assistant. His patience was once again tested on Thursday when the troubled actress kicked him out of the car after he bailed her out of jail. The embarrassing episode was recorded by most press representatives, so Doyle decided to withdraw to Miami for a couple of days.

The video shows the actress as she walks out of the 10th Precinct at 7 a.m. being accompanied by Doyle. At a certain point, the 26-year-old star turns towards her assistant and warns him that he won’t be coming with her. “You’re not coming with us!” was the tough reply that all reporters were able to hear upon Lohan’s exit from the jail.

Gavin ignored Lindsay’s initial request and tried to get inside the car. The actress, who sat on the back seat of the car with her security guards, insisted that Gavin should get out of the car. The assistant eventually gave up and left the vehicle, but he urged Lindsay never to speak to him again. Reporters followed Doyle down Manhattan hoping to find out why the actress reacted the way she did. The assistant kept mum throughout the whole time even though he had just been humiliated by the actress.

Even though Doyle was the victim of the actress’ whim, the former assistant took to Twitter to tell people that he doesn’t bear any grudge against Lindsay. In fact, he hopes the actress gets all the help she needs. 

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